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Our Vision
Teaching is one of the oldest professions is world and is has the occasion to emerge as a discipline in the early 3rd Century B.C in Europe and Asia.

Our institution is wedded to the ideology of the aims and objectives of a college of Elementary education theory, pedagogy and practical experience is carried out by the highly qualified and experienced lecturers, Technical provision like L.C.D projection, TV and recording facilities of sound and actions are needs of the training programmers.

A highly sophisticated well built College building is the Unique beaters, situated in the midist of slanderers natural setting. It is ensured that the thee Components such as attitudes skills and knowledge shall be properly and deservingly imparted.
A fully equipped laboratory in all totality of braches of knowledge and laboratories are unique in their own way. The well trained lecturers working with us are committed themselves to be the pivots in the whole process of imparting education to turn the budding youth of today to fite themselves of be the future citizens of the India.

Quality education through Elementary education is our top priority to meet this goal.V.C Institute of Elementary Education aims at impotency teacher education to the students so as to equip them to meet growing globle opportunities in teaching sector.
Our Mission
V.C Institute of Elementary Education aims at imparting quality Elementary education to the Teaching students so at to equip them to meet growing global opportunities in sector. Quality education through Teacher Education is our top priority to meet this goal.

V.C Institute of Elementary Educationis sponsored by V.C Educational Society, which was established in 2007 academic year. The idea of initiating the Elementary education born after through deliberation with well-qualified senior professionals and established the college in 2007-2008.

The College is situated in Rayanigudem(v), Suryapet, Nalgonda District in Telangana. The college is on Hyderabad-Vijayawadda National High Way No. 9 and located in 15 acres of serene environment which is lush green and free of pollution. The V.C. Educational Society is running also a V.C College of Education, Rayanigudem(v), Suryapet(m), Nalgonda District from 2003.
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